Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village

Visit the Harbour Street Craft Market for an Authentic Jamaican Experience

Why Visit?

Crafts Demonstrations

Take a minute out of your visit to sit and watch our Master Craftsmen create beautiful works of art right before you.

Hand-made, Authentic Souvenirs

Everything for purchase has been made by the local craftsmen you will see and interact with on your visit.

Meet Local Artisans & Entertainers

Meet and interact with our local craftsmen and entertainers and get insists into their creative process.

Delicious Local Food & Drinks

Enjoy our world renowned local cuisine such as Jerk Chicken or Fish and Bammy

Mini Museum & Historical Artifacts

Get to hear, see and interact with pieces of the local culture and history through the pieces of artifacts on display.

Enjoy the Community Vibe

Don't just visit to look and see, take the time out to say "hi" to our artisans. Partake in the creation of your own art piece.

About Us

Markets were established in Jamaica in the 1600’s when locals needed a forum to sell and trade their livestock and supplies.  Markets evolved over time, as artisans, wood carvers and craftsmen would congregate in a locations to display and sell their wares.  Market operations become more formalized with the passage of time and are a very important sector of the Jamaican economy.


Tourist craft markets evolved from these markets – to provide specialist products orientated for tourist use or to evoke memories of the spaces and places around Jamaica.


The harbor street craft and cultural village, is owned and managed by the St. James municipal corporation.  There is a location manager with a small maintenance team responsible for operations of the market.

What we Offer

Wood craft

Go beyond the shopping.  Experience the art of Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village. Artisans use traditional tools & methods to create indigenous, woodcarvings from special Jamaican woods such as Guango, Blue Mahoe, Coffee Wood and Lignum Vitae. Choose from our collection, or create that special gift for someone back home.

Blue Ceramics

Support local craftsperson’s in their production of unique collectables.  You will find a selection of ceramics by “island masters” that reflect the depth of our culture in diverse styles, colours & textures.  Visit Harbour Street; take home a piece of Jamaica today.


Fire Man

Shamanistic fire eating, walking on glass, & contortionists.  For an intimate & up-close look at our culture visit Harbor Street Craft and Cultural Village, go beyond the shopping – experience the music, magic and mystery of the performing arts passed down through the generations.


Taste our flavours; sample local Caribbean exotic, fusion-cuisine, especially, our national dish of ackee and saltfish, dumplins and boiled banana. Indian spices, African vegetables and fruits, European styles and Chinese compositions blend to create truly delectable meals.


Our Proud Partners

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